International Corporation
Bio, Exhibitions, and Bibliograpy
International Corporation (IC) is an arts partnership between two intermedia artists, Mitch Greer and Rachel Smith, who have been composing, performing, and making visual media & short films under this name since 2005. The idea for International Corporation was in part inspired by a peculiar - and somewhat mysterious - hallway in a Chicago strip mall called “International Court,” which contained a collection of “cultural artifacts,” that seemed to be sourced from the neighboring thrift store.

Initially, IC projects created hypothetical realities and fabricated identities through sound, design, and collage and over time expanded to include film and other multimedia projects. IC also functions as the label imprint for the duo’s musical output, including The Lickets, Mary St John, and others, with over 13 albums of experimental music released to date under the label identity.

Past IC exhibitions have included the Olympia Experimental Music Festival (2009) and UC Santa Barbara 2013). And past live performances include Issue Project Room in NY (2010), Tugboat Gallery in Lincoln, NE (2010), KZSU’s Day of Noise (2012-2019), and a 20-part interpretation of Terry Riley’s In C (2009).

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